New Web Site

As I write this at almost 3am, there are other people awake, too. They are expending their fireworks early on the 4th of July, since we have almost 20 hours to go before the City of San Francisco shoots its wad into the forecast fog.

I am having a wonderful time finding and uploading pictures. Pictures and pictures! I have too many images I'd love to all fit into this virtual space, too many to show you before you get bored and laugh at my photographic enthusiasm, too many negatives never scanned that can't compete with these gigs of newcomers only visible on a screen. A friend told me that digital can mean image hoarding. Huh. With film a person only took the 'good' pictures, because anything less than good was a waste of money on developing and printing. Sometimes I take 200 pictures and I think it was 35. Addiction AND hoarding? Visual addiction, I would name it.

So things here are in flux. Come back in a few days and maybe something will have jelled. I will have found more cool images and stuffed every page, added more pages, with more categories and more writing! FUN!!!